We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.

Time to breakthrough unconscious barriers!

Do you know that self-sabotage is one of the reasons people fall short of obtaining their goals, dreams or desires? You find that when you are getting close to obtaining your desired outcome, something comes up keeping it out of reach or putting it on the back burner? Sound familiar?

The unconscious mind runs every program successfully, either positive or negative, it does not discern the difference between the two. More often than not, this unconscious “program” that is running successfully (negatively), keeps you from getting what you want.  Are you ready to dig in and shift your thinking? Do you want to uncover what you deeply desire and then achieve it?

What are the necessary ingredients for transformation?

  • A burning desire to break free.
  • Commitment to do the work necessary to get the results that you want.
  • The willingness to dig into yourself to unravel the layers of “gunk” that’s carried around unintentionally.

Let me support your vision, I am here for you in service.  I will guide you to go within yourself to break free from whatever keeps you from attaining your authentic desires. Expect honesty, compassion, vulnerability, integrity and transparency while working with me.

Schedule a 30 min free consultation with me to see if we are a “fit” for each other.

We all have busy lives. Technology makes it easier as sessions are done via Skype or Phone. For those who prefer in-person sessions, sessions are scheduled in Charleston, SC.

Are you ready? Contact me to schedule your session.

Be the Difference that makes the Difference!!!

In service and Love,

Sherry Kachanis

Along my journey of discovery, I have been honored to meet many wonderful, extraordinary, wise souls and teachers who have assisted and guided me in my awareness and growth, which I AM forever grateful.Sherry Kachanis

Sherry is a kind innovative person

Sherry is a kind innovative person. She take her work seriously and the best part she makes you feel loved. Anyone that meets her will enjoy her wonderful energy.

Doris Bridgehouse
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