Gifted, intuitive healer

Sherry is a gifted, intuitive healer. In my time on her table, I felt things shift for me physically, mentally and emotionally. I left her feeling lighter and with some wounds healed. I would highly recommend!

Maureen Cary

Problems, fears and anxiety are self created

Sherry Kachanis has helped me see that the problems, fears, and anxiety I face in my life is self created. We are the creators of our own destiny. Keeping this in mind the energy and what we choose to focus on affects what are destiny will be. So if we tend to focus on what we do not want to happen those negative thoughts will affect our behavior and bring negative events to occur in our lives. So by focusing on want and putting our energy into positive thoughts and our goals we are welcoming into our lives the possibility for these events to happen. I now realize that I create the anxiety that I am feeling in my own life. By coming up with a strategy to work through the anxiety I feel about accomplishing my school work I relieve myself of the anxiety that I am feeling. This technique is used throughout most of our sessions. Sherry and I Identify what the problem is. She asks, “What can you do that once you do it you will relieve yourself of (insert problem here).” Then we identify a strategy to remove negative emotions and focus on whatever goal I am looking to accomplish at the present time. When a solution is identified to the problem that negative emotions vanishes leaving room for what I want in my life.

Alexis Puhlick

It is a pleasure to have met Sherry in my healing journey…

It is a pleasure to have met Sherry in my healing journey.  With Sherry, I’ve experienced Reiki and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) sessions.  She has helped me to reach in my soul to heal to my inner self. She is a kind, uplifting and caring person who devotes her time with you 100 percent. I’ve left my sessions feeling great and having a most excellent experience! I strongly recommend her to my family and friends!

Jessica McKane
Westport, Massachusetts

Phenomenal teacher

Sherry is a phenomenal teacher she makes it fun and educational. As a healer she able to give clarity and guidance with a strong yet gentle presence. Working with Sherry was an extraordinary experience that helped to move forward and reach my goals. – MJG

Sherry can help you heal!

For most of my life, I tried numerous approaches to overcome old ingrained self defeating beliefs and behaviors contributing to chronic depression with mood swings.  I studied Psychology and took traditional medication with inadequate relief of the symptoms plus unpleasant side effects from the medicine.

Holistically, I studied many different energy healing approaches, Reiki, IET, Kinesiology, Shamanism and Theta Healing, which helped me partially yet didn’t seem to touch the root cause of the issues.  I began working with the Angels and clearing myself, saying affirmations, prayers and meditations.  These practices healed me much more.  Yet I still needed to reach the deeper levels of healing.  The Angels led me to Sherry Kachanis with her healing practice combining NLP with Reiki, Magnified Healing and Shamanism.  We’re working with the unconscious brain and getting to the roots.  I’ve been able to release and forgive old trauma.  I am more confident and much less depressed.  My days are brighter and I’ve been able to reduce medication.  I feel like the person I was always intended to be – HAPPY, Balanced and Whole.  Experience her healing! What are you waiting for?

– Josepha Way, Bristol, RI

I have known Sherry for

I have known Sherry for a few years now, she has helped me so much! I have chronic health issues that have manifested due to some unresolved emotional issues that Sherry has been a big help with. I have seen Sherry for Energy healing, NLP, Intuitive reading and I took a Magnified Healing workshop with her. They have all helped me tremendously. Magnified Healing has especially taught me how to love myself and others and how to forgive myself and others and live a life full of compassion and grace. Sherry is always available for advice and any help that I need and she is a wonderful resource to have! – Vanessa Lima

Vanessa Lima

Gifted Healer

Sherry is a very gifted and knowledgeable healer. I always felt more relaxed & clear headed after seeing her. With all of the stress life can bring, it felt great going to a session and having my energy balanced. Sherry is very intuitive, kind, and takes the time to answer any questions that you may have. I highly recommend her!! – Stephanie M.

Stephanie M.

The ceremony was beautiful

Hi Sherry,
I just wanted you to let you know how incredibly happy we are with the ministry service you provided for our wedding. The ceremony was beautiful, meaningful and truly represented the love we few for one another. Thank you so much for letting us have the power to create our own ceremony that reflected our love, and being there to guide when we had questions or needed advice. You brought a beautiful and spiritual presence to the whole day! Thank you again for making our wedding day amazingly special.

Gretchen Ciambrone and Christopher Panciera

Sherry made me feel comfortable

Sherry is very professional and personable. I first met her for a Crystal Workshop which was very informative. Sherry made me feel comfortable enough to hire her for a Reiki session which was so nice that I am thinking about another for a birthday treat.

Jennifer Nino
Owner, Jenza’s Garden

Sherry is a delight to take classes from

Sherry is a delight to take classes from. Her energy is very positive, warm and vibrant. I enjoyed learning from her very much and would recommend her to anyone.

Sue Rogers

A kind and caring person

I am delighted to provide a recommendation for Sherry Kachanis. She is one of the best holistic instructors I have had the pleasure of studying with. In addition to having an expert knowledge of her subject material, she is a kind and caring person with a warm heart who deeply enjoys the work she does. I would happily recommend Sherry to my friends and family.

Jan Kelsall
Administrative Office Professional

Extremely satisfying experience

I came across Sherry Kachanis while searching for Reiki Healing. I had an incredible and uplifting experience. I received a Reiki treatment as well as completing Level 1 Reiki under her guidance. She is a very adapt and skilled practitioner and I highly recommend her for anyone of any level that is interested in achieving spiritual gains and increased self-awareness. I am extremely satisfied with my experience.

Chris Thurlow
New York, NY

Brought a new level of spirituality

I attended a Magnified Healing class with Sherry. It was just the boost I needed to amp up my healing energy and to give me more guidance on my spiritual path. Sherry’s method of teaching and presenting information in the class was organized and easy to understand. Sherry makes you feel right at home and that no question is to silly to ask. I am grateful to Sherry for offering this class for it has really brought me to a different level in my spirituality.

Sheryl Baton
Burriville, RI

I highly recommend Sherry

Sherry Kachanis is an excellent student and readily integrates what she learns into not only her practice, but her daily living. I highly recommend Sherry as a practitioner for those that are looking for excellence.

Christine Schreibstein

The most gifted psychic

Sherry is not only of the most gifted psychic I have had the pleasure of knowing, she is also blessed with a kind and loving nature. It is her warm, soft spoken gift that put you at ease as she let the messages from Spirit flow through her. Sherry and I have spoken often, and so many of her predictions have come to pass that when she speaks in a certain tone, I never question the message. Allow me to give you an example: Sherry and I spoke of my much-prayed-for book sale. Sherry said, “Samhain.” The decision to pick up my novel came during that season, though they contacted me in Yule. But what his closest to home, and was no coincidence, was the name of the publishing house which bought the novel, Samhain Publishing!!

AE Rought
Author of Neurmar’s Last Witch, Samhain Publishing

Just had my first reading…

I had my first reading with Sherry recently and cannot tell you how pleased, amazed and stunned at the accuracy of this reading. I have had many types of readings, attended many psychic fairs, but can only recall one reader that I really trusted and could attest to her accuracy, until I had Sherry do a reading for me. Not only was she able to recall specific events that have occurred in my life and that of relatives that have passed on but was able to recall their names as well. I really believe that we are in the presence of a truly gifted intuitive, psychic reader. Sylvia Brown move over, meet Sherry Kachanis!


Wanted to tell you how thankful..

Sherry –
I just wanted to tell you again how thankful I am for the reading I had with you tonight. I felt as if you knew what I was feeling and what was happening around me and that made me feel better. I have listened to your words and will take the time and make the effort to work things out. You truly have a gift and I look forward to contacting you again in the future for another reading.
Bright Blessings Always,


She was 100% spot on!

After returning from a trip in Egypt in November of 2006, I had a reading with Sherry. While Sherry had much to say that reading, the one think that stuck with me was that I would return to Egypt within three years. And that thought stayed with me. After losing my Father in February of this year, I pondered what to do with the money he had left. The thought immediately came to my mind of returning to Egypt and taking come of Daddy’s ashes with me. That was this fall, 3 years almost to the day that Sherry said I would go back.

The trip this year was more than I could ever have hoped to experience. I felt “me” coming back to life. I reconnected with Sherry when I got back…it took a bit to find her as her webstore had closed. But I found her and had affirmation after affirmation flow from her (she was 100% spot on!) One of the most important aspects was hearing from my Dad and that everything is okay – and I ‘m to let go! She gave me many things to work on and now that I am back on the path – avenues to explore and see where I fit best.
Sherry is a very sensitive, empathic and gifted intuitive! This time, I will keep in touch so as not to “lose her again. Namaste’!

Denver, CO

She is truthfully an amazing spiritualist!

Sherry is a wonderful person who will bring your spiritual quests and views into a more centered and grounded area which is less overwhelming to move forward with. She is truthfully an amazing spiritualist!

Becka Tartaglia

Sherry is an excellent teacher

Sherry is an excellent teacher and healer with many wonderful character traits. She is kind and empathetic, comfortable to be with, knowledgeable in her field and has amazing perception and intuition.

I have seen Sherry several times as a client and have never been disappointed. I often leave receiving more then what I had expected. I have been to other people in the healing profession and Sherry is right up there with the best!

Ann Gilson
Health, Wellness and Fitness Professional

Sherry uses every technique available

Sherry uses every technique available to her to assist you in the healing and aligning processes. She uses Shamanic, Reiki and other techniques with heated stones, drumming and crystals to assist her in her work. She talks to clients to find what they want and also uses her abilities to help facilitate healing they might not even be aware they need.

Colleen Noonan
State of Rhode Island

Sherry is an insightful healer

Sherry is an insightful healer that brings results in a calming and positive manner.

Kristina Olsen

Sherry is a kind innovative person

Sherry is a kind innovative person. She take her work seriously and the best part she makes you feel loved. Anyone that meets her will enjoy her wonderful energy.

Doris Bridgehouse

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