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Sanctuary of Healing: A Day Intensive

Healing Hara Presents:


Sanctuary of Healing: A Day Intensive

Saturday, February 10th from 11 AM – 6 PM

Participate in an experience designed to nourish and heal your entire being.

  • Creating Sacred Space
  • Meditation
  • Shamanic & Sound Healing
  • Understanding the Chakras
  • Power of Intention
  • Strategies for Empaths
  • Time-Line-Therapy Demonstration

** Refreshments and Lunch included

Register NOW and reserve YOUR space for this intimate group experience. Seats sell out quickly!

Investment:  $122

Advanced registration and payment required.  Call or text Sherry at 843-743-9488 or call Healing Hara 843-810-5953 or email:

Location:  Healing Hara, 209 Stallsville Loop, Summerville, SC 29485

Please dress comfortably, bring a journal or notebook and any items (stones, crystals, pictures, special items) you wish to add to the group altar for the day.

Facilitated by:  Sherry Kachanis


Sherry Kachanis is a Transformational Coach and Shamanic Healer. A certified Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy, NCLS, and Hypnosis. She is also experienced in several healing modalities including Shamanic healing techniques, Reiki Master/Teacher, Magnified Healing Master/Teacher and more.

Sherry’s passion is guiding people to break through unconscious barriers to fully LIVE the life they desire!  She uses a no nonsense approach to uncover any issues, problems, negative emotions, beliefs and patterns of behavior that no longer serve you positively. She supports you to take charge of your healing and your life.  She also passionately empowers women by leading women’s circles honoring the moon, the seasons and Life.



OM Chanting

Join us in uniting in our intentions to bring PEACE, LOVE and UNITY to our country, and the world!

As we connect our hearts through OM, WE stand as ONE for LOVE. Together we are pillars of light and will UNITE to spread PEACE and HARMONY to ourselves, our neighbors, our country and our planet.

What is OM Chanting?

OM Chanting is a powerful group healing technique introduced by Paramahamsa Vishwananda for the modern age. By chanting OM within a specifically arranged group of people, the power of OM is enhanced and amplified.

Entering into the OM Chanting circle helps to release emotions, thoughts, and negative energy. Participants experience positive shifts in emotional, mental and physical well-being thereby bringing about peace, joy and Love in one’s life.

To be able to do OM Chanting, one does not have to belong to any religion or follow any spiritual path. One is only required to chant OM continuously for about 45 mins while sitting in a group in a specific arrangement.

WHEN:    Wednesday, January 24th at 6:30 PM

WHERE:  Healing Hara, 209 Stallsville Loop, Summerville, SC 29485

RSVP:        By 1/24/18 – to or 843-743-9488

Please arrive by 6:30 PM, so we may start promptly at 6:40 PM.

** For your comfort, dress comfortably, bring a bottle of water to sip on and a blanket, pillow or cushion to sit on during the chanting.

Suggested love cash donation of $10 to cover the cost of the space.

Any questions, please contact Sherry at or 843-743-9488. Thank you!

Are you feeling everything Empath?

As an emotional, intuitive and physical empath, it can be easy for me to become overloaded. Being sensitive to energy, sounds, people, smells and the surrounding environment, as well as feeling everything so intensely, it’s clear why one gets overwhelmed by it all.  Sound familiar?

These days it’s difficult to not be affected with all that is going on in the world and in our country.  Even Mother Nature has had enough, with droughts, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, erupting volcanoes… you get the picture.  It’s been constant… political upheaval, attacks on innocent people, the media, fear, doom and gloom has been rampant.  We are being bombarded every day in every way with all this icky gunk.  Many are becoming numb to it all, while others (empaths) are feeling all of it.  It’s sickening, draining, and can feel like the life is being sucked out of you.

So what can be done to help prevent being overloaded? There are numerous strategies that can be applied to help in prevention. I’m fortunate that in my early 20’s, one of my mentors educated me about protecting myself, as I was unknowingly and unconsciously,  taking on feelings and emotions of other people.  So much so, it was difficult to discern what was mine and what wasn’t.  As a result, I became sick several times with empathic illnesses such as anxiety attacks, chronic fatigue, depression and social anxiety.  If you’ve ever experienced this, then you know how much it sucks.

At first I was shocked that I was taking on other’s emotions and physical ailments.  Then it made total sense, as most of the time that I felt ill, was around others who were having a difficult time, who had some dis-ease in their body or simply negative people/situations.  How can this prevented?

I found that meditation and shielding daily extremely beneficial in preventing “burnout”.  To test this theory, because back then, I needed proof. I would at times neglect to shield before going out in public, or stop meditating to see how I felt.  What I found was that when I practiced self-care (meditating, shielding), I was able to stay centered and grounded, without feeling overwhelmed.  When I didn’t, I was simply a mess!

Over the years, I discovered other ways to protect myself, here are some techniques that I use:

  • Earthing, which is the practice of connecting to the earth, barefoot on the grass, hugging a tree, spending time in nature, or visualizing myself as a majestic tree with my roots (feet, toes) going deep within the earth to drink in the energy of Mother Earth. All of these are helpful.
  • Water, taking an epsom salt bath is detoxifying.  Add 1 to 2 cups to a bath and soak for 20 minutes.  Allow your troubles of the day to float away.  The epsom salt also has magnesium which aids in the relaxation process.  Or try apple cider vinegar bath, add 1 cup of raw, unfiltered cider vinegar to your bath.  The vinegar will help release any negativity in your energy field.  Experiment with baths as a way to detoxify, adding essential oils or even gemstones to the water while you soak.
  • Plenty of rest and sleep, the body can heal itself, yet it needs downtime and rest to recover.  Be sure to get enough sleep.
  • Smudge your space and self as it’s cleansing and uplifting.  The Native Americans have always used smudge (the burning of herbs) to cleanse the mind, body and spirit.  I smudge my space on a regular basis and myself especially when I feel edgy. White sage is my go to, but I also love sweet grass and Palo Santo wood.
  • Setting boundaries is important. Without boundaries, some people will continue to push or pull until you reach a breaking point.  Why wait until then? By setting clear, respectful boundaries it’s healthier for everyone, especially you.
  • Utilize  aromatherapy as a way to soothe, calm and ground. Essential oils such as lavender, frankincense, clary sage, lemon, rosemary, and sandalwood are good for this. A diffuser is a great way to infuse your environment with these scents.
  • Wearing, carrying or having specific gemstones or crystals nearby to help with protection. Stones I’ve found essential to my protection and grounding are: rainbow moonstone, lapis lazuli, black tourmaline, amber, and clear quartz.  Other grounding and protective stones include: smokey quartz, black obsidian, apache tear, hematite, turquoise, red jasper, tiger’s iron, fluorite, citrine, garnet, amethyst and tiger’s eye.  Always use your intuition to select the best stones for you.
  • Use a salt lamp. Himalayan salt lamps are chunks of Himalayan salt, hollowed out with a bulb inserted inside.  When they are on, they glow pinkish.  Salt lamps help charge the air with negative ions.  Other added benefits are they help with sleep, allergies, low energy, asthma, nervousness, seasonal affectiveness disorder and more.  They also help to neutralize the effects of emf’s.
  • In order to refresh, rejuvenate and practice self-care, downtime, specifically alone time is necessary.  This is something I learned was essential over the years.  It’s how we heal ourselves.
  • Stop watching the news, take breaks from social media, disconnect from the press.  Doing this will help immensely.  I stopped watching TV a few months after 9/11.  I had to, for my health and safety.  Now after being away from traditional TV for so long, I see right through the programming and how advertisers and the media in general are brainwashing consumers.

By applying these strategies, you will feel better.  Discover what works best for you and explore other ways of self-care. As a sensitive empathic person, take charge of your health and well-being. Be gentle with yourself.  Most of all, know, you are not alone.

And, if you want help, I am here in service to assist you as a coach and healer.




An Unnecessary Situation

Earlier today, I was asked by a colleague to follow-up to see if so and so was attending this evening’s meet-up. Sure, no problem! I called and found that the voicemail was full, so I sent a brief to the point email.

A little while later, the response I received had me scratching my head.  I was shocked because the response was accusatory and angry.  This rattled and confused me. How did this response come from the simple request of are you attending and if so, please register here?

Of course, I went back and re-read my email. Was I clear? Did I unknowingly provoke this unwarranted response?  The email was actually upbeat and friendly, hey looking forward to seeing you at tonight’s event.  Being clear, I sent the response I received to my colleague, as in the moment, I was unsure of the best way to respond to this upsetting email.

My colleague was shocked and apologetic, as never in a million years did she expect the response that was received.  She felt badly that a simple email triggered such an accusatory reaction.  Me being me, I felt there was no apology necessary, as she at any given time can and should ask others for help if she needs it.  Secondly, how on earth was she to know (unless of course she checked her crystal ball first) that this would have transpired.  She decided that it would be best if she responded to the email.

I really admire my colleague for many reasons, one is that she has an incredible amount of tact and diplomacy.  As for myself, this isn’t always my strong point (yes, I am owning this part of me).  Actually, I have learned over time, with experience and wisdom, that if I am triggered by something someone has said in an email or verbally, I need to step back and let the initial reaction settle before responding.  In just a few minutes, she sent a response, which was clear, concise and apologetic for any confusion.  Great right?

Unfortunately that would be a big fat NO!  So and so felt it necessary to tear into her, and me, as well as creating these off the wall accusations that obviously this person felt we had made, yet were completely untrue.  Then so and so continued by sending additional responses that were crazier and crazier. **Ding Ding – nut job alert!

Finally, my extremely diplomatic friend reached her breaking point.  She sent a final email, still tactful, keeping to the facts saying, you know what, forget it.  You’re no longer welcome to join us and your check will be returned to you.

Later on before our meeting, we had an opportunity to discuss the events that had taken place earlier.  Neither of us could identify what it was that obviously set this person off, so we came to the only conclusion that we could which is this person has issues. While we were both disturbed, we were grateful to learn this about this person, before any damage could be done.

How would you handle a situation like this?  How would you respond? Would you stick to the facts? Or would you get caught into the drama of the accusations? How would you react to someone accusing you of saying something that you never said?

I have two major take-aways from this experience.  First is that I will always work with women who support and back each other. Being there for each other made all the difference.  Also, that no matter how many professional credentials a person may have, it doesn’t exclude them from being an asshole or to have issues.










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